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1. What is the easiest way to get to Solstrand Hotel from Bergen Airport?


- There is a taxi stand straight ahead outside arrival.

2. How far is the hotel from Bergen airport and Bergen City Center? 

- It takes approx. 20 min from Bergen Airport to Solstrand Hotel, and it takes approx. 20 min from Solstrand to Bergen City Center.

3. What is the address to Solstrand Hotel? 

- Solstrandvegen 200, 5200 Os


4. When does the conference start on the 20th? 

- Registration opens at 08:00 on the 20th and the conference will start at 09:00

5. When does the conference end on the 21st? 

- The conference will end at 14:45 on the 21st. 

6. Will there be any arranged transportation from and to the airport?

- There will be arranged for two busses leaving from Solstrand Hotel at 3:00 pm on the 21st. One buss will go to the airport, the other one will go to city center. It's possible to buy a ticket when entering the buss.  

7. Is there a dress code for the gala dinner?

- There is no formal dress code, Business Casual is recommended.

8. Will there be anything arranged on the evening of the 19th for the ones who arrives the day before the conference starts?

- There will be no official arrangements, but some of our team will be happy to meet you in the bar-area of the hotel from 7:00 pm. 

9. Will I receive a hotel confirmation? 

- No, unfortunately that's not possible, but we have secured rooms for everyone, so please just register yourself with your name at the reception when you arrive.


10. Is it possible to use the swimming pool?
- Yes, the swimming pool and sauna is included. 

11. Who should I notify if I have an allergy or food preference? 

- Please contact our conference administrator, Bertine, as soon as possible and she will take care of it. Please send it to:

12. When does check-in open and when is check-out?
- Check in opens from 15:00 and check out is 11:00. If you're leaving on the 21st we recommend you're checked-out before the conference starts at 09:00.

13. How do I order a taxi in Norway?
 - You can call +47 07000 and pre-order your taxi, or you can do it at their website here.

You may also ask for assistance at the hotel reception. 

14. Do I need to bring really warm clothes? 
- No, there is limited time for outdoor activities during the conference, anyhow bringing a sweater or jacket is recommended when travelling to Norway. 

15. Are there non-alcoholic beverages available?  
- Absolutely. Please feel free to ask the waiter for N/A alternatives whenever you are being served.

16. Is there a pool and sauna at the hotel?
- Yes! 

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